Whistler on his way to surgery

Greyhound dog laying on dog bed on floor, with swollen right shoulder visible from the osteosarcoma growth
Whistler 3 days before surgery.

Quick update – our lead vet picked up Whistler about a half hour ago, shortly before noon here in Uruguay. He was thrilled to see her, as he loves being at her “pet hotel” near Atlántida.  At 2pm (11am US/Canada Eastern Time, 5pm UTC/GMT), she and her team of specialists from the Universidad de la República will begin the amputation procedure. We’ll try to keep people posted. Follow Mark and Lisa’s personal Twitter accounts @mcmxs and @lisamarimer, our Google+ public newfeeds google.com/+MarkMercer and google.com/LisaMercer, where we’ll likely be making more frequent updates. Also possibly at our Facebook pages, for Mark and for Lisa.

Thank you all for your interest and concern, messages of support, and big hugs to those who’ve already helped with a donation towards Whistler’s care!

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Whistler the Hound

Whistler is the family pet of Mark Mercer and Lisa Marie Mercer. At only 7 years old, he is fighting the terrible and deadly disease, osteosarcoma. That's a fast-growing and painful bone cancer - in his once-strong right front shoulder. We aren't giving up on our greyt doggie, because he isn't giving up on us. Though he started limping badly again, with increased pain medication in early January 2015, he came back to his old normal personality, and began hopping around fine. But the leg will kill him if it doesn't come off, and otherwise he would only have days to at most weeks left. On January 16 2015 he is scheduled for amputation surgery. A difficult race is ahead, with rehab and chemotherapy, with emotional and financial stress. But he's worth it. (Because dogs don't type as well as cats do, posts from "Whistler the Hound" are interpreted by his people, Mark Mercer and Lisa Mercer.)