Whistler makes it back to the beach!

Whistler insists on not only going to the rambla (shoreline road), but using “3-paw drive” pulls Mark down to the dune walk onto the beach.  One week ago – Feb 3, 2015. It’s been busy so we’re just now posting it. Still pix from it are already on Facebook and G+.


If that link doesn’t work on your system, here’s the same on YouTube:

He had a great time heading back to his favorite places.

More of Whistler on the beach

And on YouTube:

It’s possible we overdid it. A few days later, he’s been limping with inflamed rear paws. His doc checked him today and doesn’t think it’s due to the cancer, but just a joint pull and anxiety. So mostly bed-rest for a few days until his first chemotherapy treatment late this week, at the Universidad de la República veterinary school in Montevideo.

Thank you to all who’ve sent good wishes and who’ve helped us afford his treatment. Bless you!

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Whistler the Hound

Whistler is the family pet of Mark Mercer and Lisa Marie Mercer. At only 7 years old, he is fighting the terrible and deadly disease, osteosarcoma. That's a fast-growing and painful bone cancer - in his once-strong right front shoulder. We aren't giving up on our greyt doggie, because he isn't giving up on us. Though he started limping badly again, with increased pain medication in early January 2015, he came back to his old normal personality, and began hopping around fine. But the leg will kill him if it doesn't come off, and otherwise he would only have days to at most weeks left. On January 16 2015 he is scheduled for amputation surgery. A difficult race is ahead, with rehab and chemotherapy, with emotional and financial stress. But he's worth it. (Because dogs don't type as well as cats do, posts from "Whistler the Hound" are interpreted by his people, Mark Mercer and Lisa Mercer.)