Bandages off, and he went for a walk!

Finally! One week after surgery, off with the compression bandage. Should be much more comfortable for Whistler.

Picture below, but because it does show the scar, putting it “below the fold” for most devices. Though it might show up on the social shares, sorry!

Plus, he went for a walk. No, not all the way the three and a half blocks down to the beach, in the featured image for this post. But soon, again there too! A walk up the street. Which if you’ve been following our blog and our posts on Facebook, G+, and Twitter this past week, has been a problem. He’s been getting “stuck” in the tiny front yard, not moving and almost needing to be picked up to come back inside. Yet he hops around the house fine, and goes into our tiny enclosed backyard without a problem.

This morning, his doctor and friend Mariana drove up to check him and remove the bandages. He thought he was going back to “camp” and went bounding out to her little truck. Then with her and me, went on a walk up the street – not only to the small field half-way up the block, but all the way to the next street. Stopped to visit the dog at the house on the corner, and didn’t want to come back in.

So, we told Mariana, “Just come here 3 times per day!” No, not really! But having his friend here gave him incentive to go out, and some security. Now we’ll try it again, when the heat of the midsummer midday lessens early evening.

Here comes the picture of the surgery area with the bandages removed, and Whistler resting back in the living room.

greyhound lieing on left side with right front leg / shoulder amputation scar visible.
The scar is visible and looks good for day 8 post-amputation.

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Whistler the Hound

Whistler is the family pet of Mark Mercer and Lisa Marie Mercer. At only 7 years old, he is fighting the terrible and deadly disease, osteosarcoma. That's a fast-growing and painful bone cancer - in his once-strong right front shoulder. We aren't giving up on our greyt doggie, because he isn't giving up on us. Though he started limping badly again, with increased pain medication in early January 2015, he came back to his old normal personality, and began hopping around fine. But the leg will kill him if it doesn't come off, and otherwise he would only have days to at most weeks left. On January 16 2015 he is scheduled for amputation surgery. A difficult race is ahead, with rehab and chemotherapy, with emotional and financial stress. But he's worth it. (Because dogs don't type as well as cats do, posts from "Whistler the Hound" are interpreted by his people, Mark Mercer and Lisa Mercer.)

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  1. You are the most amazing people ever. Whistler is one lucky little ball of energy… As you are just as lucky with him. Beautiful!!!

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